15 Things You (Maybe) Didn’t Know About Me

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If you’re going to follow my blog and read my random thoughts about life, you probably should get to know me a little bit, right? So today, I’m sharing some facts you may not know about me! I want my blog to show my personality + to be an authentic reflection of me. So I want to be an open book…here goes!

1. I’m a lefty! That’s right, I’ve always been left-handed. They say leftys are creative so maybe that’s where I get it?

2. I was born and raised in Tennessee (mostly). When I was 4, we moved from Tennessee to Vermont! I lived in Vermont for a total of 4(ish) years. I loved it there!

3. I have 4 younger half-siblings and I am the oldest! 3 half brothers + 1 half sister.

4. I’m an extroverted introvert. I love people and going out and being social but only for so long before I need quiet time. I honestly love doing things by myself + having time to myself. That’s how I recharge! I also can be shy when first meeting people and then open up as I get comfortable.

5. Although I try to eat healthy most of the time, my favorite foods are pizza + ice cream! I love trying new kinds!

6. I never planned to stay in Cincinnati after college. Funny where love + life takes you 🙂 I now love this city and of course the man I’ve built a life with here!

7. I have been to 9 countries: England, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, and the Dominican Republic. After August I’ll add 2 more to the list: Greece + France. I love to travel more than anything!

8. I used to play 5 different musical instruments: piano, flute, piccolo, violin + cello. I also love to sing, I was in a travel choir in high school. I love music!

9. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood!!!)

10. If I could move anywhere in the U.S., I’d move to California! I’ve been multiple places in Cali, and I just love the laid back lifestyle over there and how beautiful it is! Obsessed!

11. I LOVE to read. I grew up riding my bike to the library in the summertime and checking out about 10 books and I’d have them read in a week. I would stay up all night reading! One of my current goals is to make more time for reading because I just never seem to have time anymore! Last book I read – The Girl On The Train

12. I’ve always enjoyed writing. I think this is mainly what sparked my interest in starting a blog. I always did best in school on English/Writing assignments and my favorite type of exams were ones with essay questions! (I’m weird, I know)

13. During high school is when I really started to become interested in fashion, beauty, and photography. My mom is a nurse, and she used to bring home old waiting room copies of magazines for me to read. My favorite was Vogue. I would re-read the same issues over and over. I cut out images that inspired me + had a collage wall in my closet!

14. I think I am a very empathetic person. I feel other’s pain. I cry super easily (like any sappy movie, for real). My heart gets really heavy whenever I hear of anyone’s pain or sadness.

15. I really want to learn how to surf! So random… I just think it would be awesome! (Hence the wanting to move to Cali thing hehe)

So there you have it! Hope y’all feel like you know me a little better now. Thanks for reading along!

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