Say Bye to that Monday Dread: 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Week


We all know the feeling. An amazing weekend of fun + friends has come and gone and Sunday night is suddenly upon us…uh-oh. Your head hurts just thinking about that alarm going off in the morning. Anyone feeling me here?? Ok, so I definitely have these weeks sometimes, BUT I have been working on my outlook lately, and it IS possible to go into your week bright-eyed + bushy-tailed.

I have experienced first hand the anxiety that comes with returning to work after a care-free weekend…and then that first day of the week comes and guess what. The world didn’t end. It really wasn’t that bad!! It truly comes down to our attitude and outlook and how we set ourselves up for success. So I am going to share a few ways to prepare for your week that will help you to feel great + tackle Monday like a boss babe.

  1. Practice Gratitude – Instead of focusing on how sad you are that your amazing weekend has ended, focus on how great it was! Reflect on everything you loved about your weekend and the things and people in your life that you are so grateful for. Just this simple act of practicing gratitude can make a HUGE difference in your outlook.
  2. Take some “Me Time” – Sometimes the weekends can get so busy with fun plans with friends + family, errands, and obligations that we forget to take that time off work to actually relax and recharge. It so important to remember to set a side a little time for yourself to do a workout you enjoy, read a book, take a bubble bath or catch up on your favorite show. Even if you only have 30 mins, take some time out to relax or you will go into your week feeling unmotivated because your brain never got to turn off.
  3. Go to bed early – Turn off the TV, stop scrolling through Facebook and go. to . bed!! Your Monday-morning self will seriously thank you. The best way you can start a kick-ass week is well-rested and with a clear mind. Yes, you can still grab for the coffee Monday morning, but at least you will enjoy it as you start your day instead of drinking it in one sip because you are desperate to feel awake.
  4. Make a simple to-do list: You’ll more prepared to tackle Monday if you have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish that day instead of waiting until you get to work to think about it. The more you avoid it, the more you will stress about it. Making a simple list that is do-able will take the weight off your shoulders because you know you have a plan. Also – Make the first thing on your list a task you enjoy (if possible, I know work is time-sensitive sometimes.)
  5. Motivate Yourself – Something I love to do before the week starts is right before I go to bed, I will scroll through inspirational quotes on Pinterest. It may sound cheesy, but it truly has me falling asleep in a great mood + feeling like I can take on the world.


So there you have it, my tips for preparing for a positive + successful week. What do y’all like to do to prepare for the week? Comment below!

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