3 Reasons Why Traveling is So Important

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I love airports. I always have. People rushing in and out from all corners of the world, everyone heading to a different destination. That rush you get as you head to your gate, knowing you are about to fly somewhere exciting. It never gets old to me.

I have always loved traveling and being that I moved a lot when I was growing up, I think the sense of a new scene + new adventure has just always appealed to me.

Traveling is more than just a vacation or taking some time off work. It has the power to change us, to open our minds + hearts, and to create amazing memories.

  1. Traveling opens our minds: It is easy to get used to our little bubble that we live in, the in’s and out’s of the daily grind. It’s comfortable + familiar. And that’s exactly why traveling is important. It can get us out of our comfort zone, to experience new cultures, traditions, religions, architecture, food, and language. People all over the world, and even just in other states do things differently than we do. It’s important to observe that our way of life is not the only way.
  2. Traveling makes us more compassionate: As a result of experiencing + embracing other cultures, we can be become more compassionate towards those that are different from us. Learning more about people and places helps us to understand them better, and to appreciate them more.
  3. Traveling creates priceless memories + experiences: There are so many things we run to for entertainment that don’t truly enrich us (I see you, Netflix) And that’s totally fine, we all need time to just chill! But, travel can not only allow us to relax, but also to experience things we may have never have if we stayed within our comfort zone. I believe we learn so much through experiences and those lessons + memories stay with us and enrich us.

With our trip to Europe just 3 weeks away(omg!!!), all of these things have been on my mind lately. I am so excited to experience new cultures, immerse ourselves in unfamiliar languages, see some of the most beautiful sights in the world, and try so many amazing foods! There truly is no money better spent in my mind than on an unforgettable trip!


What are your favorite reasons for traveling? Where is your favorite place you have ever traveled? Let me know in the comments!




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