Insta-Fun: Follow Our European Adventure

She Seeks Chic Travel Blogger

Y’all. It is down to 2 DAYS until the hubs + I are jet-setting across the pond on our much-anticipated Eurotrip. We booked this back in January, so I cannot believe after 7 months of planning + waiting in excitement, that it is finally here!!!

In case you don’t know the deets, let me fill you in. We will be over there for two weeks, and we are going to these amazing destinations:

  1. Paris, France
  2. Santorini, Greece
  3. Rome, Italy
  4. Cinque Terre, Italy
  5. London, England

I will not have any blog posts going up during this time, but cannot wait to get some travel posts up for you when we get back! SO my main reason for this post, other than to let you know the blog will be a little quiet for the next two weeks, is to invite you to follow me on Instagram if you have an account! Instagram is what I will use the most frequently to document our adventures while we are there. If you want to see pretty pictures + behind the scenes moments on my “Stories” then feel free to Follow along! Click here to see my Insta. I know I LOVE seeing others’ posts + updates while they are traveling somewhere amazing, so I thought others might want to see what we are up to over there! (Forewarning, it may consist of a lot of wine, bread, & gelato. #sorrynotsorry)

Hope to see you over on Insta + have you follow along as She Seeks Chic travels!

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